In the early Spring of 1999, several students at California State University, Dominguez Hills began a search for an organized, and highly recognized Latino fraternal organization.  One with an overwhelming sense of brotherhood and unity.  An organization in which academics and leadership were a main priority.  After constant meetings and thorough research, the choice was unanimous.  Lambda Theta Phi was chosen and in no time an interest group was formed. Throughout the entire interest group period, meetings were held to inform the interested men of Lamda Theta Phi the goals and ideals of the fraternity.  The meetings also served as an unofficial cut-off for some of the men who weren’t ready for what Lambda had to offer.  By the middle of the Spring semester, after numerous fund-raising, only eight men were left from the beginning group.  At that point the interest group was ready to forego the process which they so long awaited. The day was Sunday, March 21st and only seven of the eight men were able to Conquer the mission they had to undergo, thus establishing Beta Alpha Chapter.  These seven men, Carlos Aguirre, Rolando Lara, Arturo Lara, Jenaro Torres, Richard Burgin, Sergio Reynaga and Jorge Rubio became the founders of what would be the newest addition to Lambda Family.  Since founded, the brothers from Beta Alpha Chapter having volunteered in various campus events, services to the community and social events involving other brothers and local sororities.  As a chapter, the brothers from Beta Alpha will continue to uphold the goals and ideals set forth by our Founders Fathers in order to make a positive change in our campus and community.

Written by

Beta Alpha Chapter Founding Brother Sergio Reynaga